Friday, July 8, 2011

The Lone Star

I went to The Little Blue House last week after the holiday weekend and they had a great sale.  All their Patriotic supplies were 30% off.  I just went to get some ink and end up buying supplies to make one of their projects at home: the "Metallicious Domed Star".  The ladies at the LBH are awesome, full of tallent and very fun to be around. Love them!!

To start, you will need a cardboard star, some patterned paper, metalic foil sheets, glue and red tape. The only tools needed are a paper cutter and your Cuttlebug with your choice envelope.

Ink the edges of the cardboard star so they show dark. Texture your foil with the cuttlebug and file it to bring up the silver color. Use red tape to glue the foil to the star.


  1. This is just beautiful! You did a great job! Love it!

  2. Beautiful as usual. And very creative!

  3. I just love the Lone Star of Texas!! Great job!

  4. I am a Texas gal so I always love the Lone Star!
    Wonderful papers.